Tree Concert

With an unusual concept, this installation for Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) set out to raise public awareness of the fact that Berlin loses thousands of city trees every year. Falling chestnuts generate a symphony of lights and sounds and turn the tree into a street musician. Crackling sound and breathing light react relative to the wind. The impact of a chestnut alerts with a spotlight and chord. Tree Concert gained massive media coverage and led to a new donation record for the preservation of trees.

• Spatial analyses & client workshops
• Spatial concept & zoning
• Color & material concept
• Lighting design
• Sound Design
• Media Design
• Management of custom furniture production
• Communication design & Wayfinding

Project team: A. Alschiz, S. Bergmann
In collaboration with BBDO Proximity, Gang of Berlin

Red Dot Communication Design:
1x Best of the Best, 2x Red Dot

Cannes Lions:
2x Gold, 5x Bronze

ADC Germany:
1x Silver, 2x Bronze

2x Inbook

1x Silver, 1x Bronze

New York Festivals:
2x Bronze

UNDPI Award: 1x Gold

London International Awards:
2x Silver

Cresta Award:
1x Silver

One Show:
1x Gold, 1x Silver

2x Gold, 5x Silver, 1x Bronze

  • Client

    Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND)

  • Location


  • Year


  • Awards

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